WARNING: Don't take the following too seriously.

If you dare to hear some tracks I've created, you can find them on SoundCloud by clicking here. All tracks were created in Apple's GarageBand.

Or, some direct to video stuff can be found on YouTube over here.

My main gear:

    • Yamaha APX700-12 - 12-string acoustic-electric guitar
    • Fender Telecaster "Cabronita" Thinline - 6-stirng semi-hollow body electric guitar
    • Fender Telecaster "50s Vintage Reissue" - 6-string electric guitar
    • Fender Coronado XII (1967) - 12-string semi-hollow-body electric guitar
    • Seagull M6 - 6-string acoustic-electric guitar
    • Epiphone Les Paul Junior - 6-string, single-pick-up electric guitar
    • Stagg (P-bass copy) - electric bass guitar
    • Tacoma M1E - acoustic-electric mandolin
    • Yamaha YS200 - keyboard midi-controller

The drums you hear are from the Apple loops library. We have a few other instruments around the house (more guitars, an autoharp, a melodica, etc.), but I'm too lazy to list them all.