short stories

My published work includes a Aaron's Intifada (short story collection) and Introduction to Fund Development Planning (yes, it's as exciting as the title).

You might still find copies of these and other gems by clicking on my Amazon Author's Page.

Over the years, one form of creation I always return to is the short story. Here are a few stories you can read right on this website:

~ A Bottomless Cup of Coffee - A ringing phone, sandwiches, and endless coffee.

~ Cloud Noir - In Silicon Valley even the wise guys are developing apps.

~ The Crispus Attucks Time-Space Continuum - Revolution, ghosts, and time travel.

~ Mystery Achievement - Rock 'n' Roll, lust, and being young in the 1980's.

~ The Last Chapter - Hollywood, 1922: celebrities, murder, and mystery.

more to come...