who's kenrg?

Hi - I'm kenrg,

Welcome to my web!

"Just a guy who spends too much time online" - kenrg is the internet handle for Ken Goldstein.

I was born in Boston, MA, in 1961 and dragged out to California thirteen years later. I decided I liked it sometime around 1984 (which, coincidentally, coincided with my leaving Los Angeles and heading north).

Currently residing in the Santa Cruz Mountains, somewhere on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, I live with my wife in a lovely little house among the redwoods. My interests include writing, reading, music, film/video, photography, politics, food, and wine.

On this site you can find samples of my short stories, my photos, a bit about my music, and information about my work as a consultant with local nonprofit organizations in Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the greater SF Bay Area. There's links to my blog and my youtube channel.